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New Times Hotel (New Times Hotel Shenzhen), Das Hotel befindet sich im geschäftigen Handels- und Finanzzentrum von Shenzhen, neben dem Hafen von Luohu, nur eine kurze Entfernung vom Bahnhof Shenzhen, Diwang Gebäude, Vientiane Stadt und internationalen Handelszentrum; das Geschäfts- und Freizeitgebiet des goldenen Diamanten ist ruhmreicher.
Investiert von Shenzhen hengying Investment Co., Ltd., ist das Hotel ein hochwertiges und gut gestaltetes Business-Tourismus-Hotel.Das Hotel integriert Geschäft, Unterhaltung, Freizeit und Catering. Es verfügt über einen luxuriösen Geschäftsraum mit kompletter Ausstattung. Es verfügt über eine multifunktionale Konferenzhalle, Liujunzi Teehaus und Schach- und Kartenraum. Es ist ein idealer Ort für Ihre Geschäftsreisen, Freizeit und Unterhaltung.
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  • xuan524
    Holiday great Cafe downstairs room of chess and quiet nice
  • pisceslyly
    Hotels located in the downtown area, the transportation is convenient, surrounded by shops, shopping convenience, sanitation good!
  • m04587810
    Located right in the heart of Lo Wu, from trade and town walk, room was good!
  • e01855365
    Well, there are, are small slippers, Elevator show floor was broken. Duman. next time you come back.
  • AlwynPan
    Well, the next time you stay
  • pasino
    Which is very nice
  • jing104120550
    Well wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe La La La La
  • gede886
    Good location, very old, TV is old does not say, toilet water, ask the waiter nor does the service much worse than before. never going to stay.
  • alfwwang
    Also, price is not high
  • luxia
    Nice easy trip to Vientiane near King City
  • GordonCao
    Very good location, very convenient ... every time I'm here.
  • E01404964
    I will come back again in near future to the same hotel
  • effie78
    The rooms too small, others can also
  • E motor
    Health line, equipment aging, perimeter security need to be strengthened!
  • e00133332
    Smoking and tobacco flavors. good location, came 15 minutes from the railway station. breakfast poor and expensive proposals go to McDonald's to eat
  • beibei1999
    Breakfast was good, but slightly old, WiFi doesn't work. environmental health and tidy, in Center of Shenzhen, the price was still deserves.
  • AnndyLee
    To and from the airport is very convenient. for the night at the airport to catch an early morning flight.
  • e03172453
    Hotels in the downtown area, eating is very convenient for shopping. the facility is a little old, but clean
  • littletim
    Breakfast not very good.
  • laobai
    Cost ·· will come again
  • e00228992
    The entire feeling is, seems to be that compared to Guangzhou like device slightly behind the point, but the overall feeling is Yes, is the room charge Jack little, computer phone, not at the same time rush, had not eaten for breakfast, I do not know how!
  • xywujw
    For the boss on a business trip, the price is very good, location was very good, recommended
  • joewm0510
    Around very convenient, hotel is soundproofed well, is the facility is a bit old
  • purpletulips
    Hotel clean and simple
  • angel0015
    Pretty good
  • baitubaobao
    Hotel is great, especially for the night we live in Hong Kong (three) are just a little taste of liberated serfs sing. hotel is near the Lo, big bags along the way, almost expired: (about 20 minutes). Hotel is very hard to find, location is good, very close to the city of Vientiane, 5 minutes on foot. financial centre is also very close to Vientiane near the town of Wal-Mart. prices in Shenzhen, water, instant noodles, yogurt, that sort of general priceAll over the about 1 Yuan more expensive than Fuzhou, but hotel prices 378 million, still NICE. While near a train station, but not noisy. Breakfast not much variety, but rice is very mild, clean, that's all that matters. If yogurt cake, of course better. A suggestion is to shower faucet, can't get in the hands, generally no problem for adults, but kids are not so easy, after all, is not so good control of water.Bathtub was not clean. 5 home. pictures are too big can not upload.
  • gigipun
    High performance-price ratio
  • racing_Pp
    Basically every time I lived in this way. is breakfast a bit.
  • aijun503
    Convenient ~ clean ~
  • bluewawa
    That's good
  • e00086507
    Sanitation can be, is their bad service, it is not recommended recommended, certainly not to this hotel next time you go to Shenzhen.
  • denggf
    Hotel is located near the international trade, near the Metro, convenient. Luohu port is also close to Metro stops. nice clean. breakfast is also good, family satisfaction.
  • IceMoon
    Room was a bit old.
  • cc19890729
    Nice facility is a little old, bed and pillows not comfortable
  • lisiyongmama
    I was traveling on business, hotel location in the city centre, offices are in close proximity, good health and environment, good service at the front desk, very grateful to the staff since I am allergic rhinitis gave me room to do a free upgrade, very satisfied, the traffic is very convenient. surrounded by the city of Vientiane and King glory Plaza, shopping, eating easy. lack of WIFI is unstable
  • CAO.JUN.
  • e00225718
    Room is very big, very good facilities, feel particularly comfortable. hotel transportation is convenient, location to find, next time you will have the opportunity to choose a new era.
  • Freya88
    Located in the city centre, convenient. health situation is good, but shower designs have a problem, every time a bath would have a lot of water to splash out. the breakfast is less, but overall great, Vientiane City and the Lo Wu control point is in close proximity.
  • GenWest
    Better to stay over the weekend.
  • liuying4545
    Shopping around easier
  • summerinbowl
    Traffic is very convenient, for mission personnel, store, though a bit dated but very clean, reception staff service is also very good, patience to answer, in a nutshell, is a recommended place.
  • Alan Tam
    Overall price/performance!
  • lovelywinter
    So so!
  • agirltc
    Overall it is a good, cost-effective. hotel facilities is slightly older.
  • James_Leo
    Hotel is located in the Lo, convenient!
  • lining69
    Front desk, and TV was very old, but the cleaning staff very friendly! overall still good
  • djylgf
    Poor service really, really ... ... Normally, the space is not large
  • baggiewang
    Location Shanghai restaurant downstairs is very good; Will come again next time!
  • e01231841
    Window dressing room just to the point of death attitude is poor, bed and unknown beetle feeling would never go to the
  • boboluyi
    Really nice, clean, cost-effective, and will stay there again